September 2003 Bio

Richard Crocombe studied chemistry at Oxford University in England. One of his tutors there was a pioneering Raman spectroscopist, and that led him down a path to a career in vibrational spectroscopy. After graduating from Oxford, he went to the University of Southampton, also in England, for a Ph.D. with Prof. Ian Beattie, working on infrared and Raman spectroscopy of unstable inorganic species. Following that he did a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Tennessee, with Prof. Gleb Mamantov, working on FT-IR spectroscopy and infrared laser chemistry, including some early work on time resolved spectroscopy and gas chromatography/FT-IR.

That diverted his attention to instrument and applications development, and he then joined Bio-Rad Digilab Division in Cambridge, MA. He was at Bio-Rad/Digilab for twenty years in a wide variety of roles including product management, marketing management, product development and R&D management. Working with many other people in that organization, he was responsible for developments in step-scan FT-IR, infrared microscopy and infrared spectroscopic imaging using focalplane arrays.

Following Bio-Rad's sale of its spectroscopy business (to Digilab, LLC) he left the new organization after a transition period, and joined AXSUN Technologies to move AXSUNís micro-optical technologies into the analytical instrumentation field, and develop Ďchip-sizedí spectrometers.

He has been a longtime member of SAS, and other professional societies, and has organized symposia at major conferences like FACSS, EAS and the Pittsburgh Conference.