Dr. Roy Bible

Roy Bible received his Ph. D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and did his undergraduate work at Virginia Tech, the University of Maine, and Virginia Military Institute. Except for the "change in control", in November he would be completing his 52nd year at G. D. Searle/Monsanto/Pharmacia/Pfizer where he most recently was a Senior Research Fellow.

He was trained as an organic chemist, and worked for 12 years as a bench medicinal chemist at Searle. In the early 60's his interest in structural elucidation of organic molecules led him into NMR. He published two of the very early books on the interpretation of NMR spectra, both of which were translated into Japanese and one also into Russian. He has co-authored an audio short course for the American Chemical Society and has taught in over 100 NMR short courses, 59 of which were sponsored by the American Chemical Society. He holds 26 patents and has published 37 peer-reviewed papers.

He has been honored with the Distinguished Service Award by the Chicago Section of the ACS, with the Merit Award by the Chicago Technical Societies, with the Honor Scroll by the Illinois Institute of Chemists, and with a bronze plaque dedicating an NMR suite to him by Pharmacia. He is a charter member and first chairman of the Virginia Tech Chemistry Department Advisory Council. Since 1993 he has been an Adjunct Professor at UIC.

He is a past president of the Chicago Chemist Club and Past Chairman of the Chicago Section of the ACS. He was recently honored for 40 years of service on the National Council of the ACS.

His hobbies include hiking, lapidary and silversmithing, photography, landscape painting, and electronics of all types.